I asked Millie yesterday if she remembered Uncle Trev.

Not remember that he existed but remember him – remember what he was like.

She thought for a moment – really thought – and then admitted that no, she didn’t really remember seeing him alive.

I had a lump in my throat so didn’t say anything; but then she said, “I do remember he was very funny,” and she laughed.

But this is something we thought would happen: Millie is too young to have any but the most fleeting memories of Trev.  His memory is there for her, she knows who he was…only…she doesn’t remember him personally.

It’s the same for Amber, only more so – she never had a hope of remembering Trev.  But she knows about him, who he was and that we all miss him every single day.

Still, I’m grateful Millie remembers Trev as being “very funny” – he would have liked that.


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