Letting bygones be bygones

One of the things I love about children is that they don’t hold grudges.

They might sometimes be petty and unthinking and prone to dramatic outbursts, but they make up just as quickly as they break up.

This morning, for example, Amber had a massive benny because I asked her to take a cardigan with her to nursery.  She didn’t have to wear it now and could hang it on her peg as soon as we got to nursery, but I wanted her to take a cardigan just in case it got cooler later.

Cue massive benny.  She carried on like this all the way to nursery, sitting behind myself and Millie all the time we were on the bus, glowering at us from narrowed eyes.  That’s quite a long time if you’re a four-year-old, trust me.

But two minutes later, she and Millie were doing the usual walking on the wall, falling off into my arms, and I got a big kiss as I dropped her off as though nothing had happened.

I rather like this way of letting bygones be bygones.  I wish adults could do it as effortlessly as children do.


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