Millie’s 7th birthday party (Family)

I finally got round to uploading some pictures from Sunday’s party – Millie’s 7th birthday party for family (the party for friends is this Saturday).

Millie Harriet PotterThere are some particularly great shots of people wearing my “rave” sunglasses (I almost forgot, while we were not indoor skydiving last week a pair of hipsters asked where I got them from – they were very confused when I said “Elephant & Castle“).

I’m hoping my Dad uses that picture of him in the rave glasses as his Facebook profile picture… 🙂

Also, that blue “top” hat you see throughout is mine, but it was sooooo fashionable that everyone wanted to wear it.

The party’s theme was “Harry Potter”, but as you can see there are varying degrees of commitment  to that on display – and some people (i.e., me) just went ahead and did their own thing.

My costume was a “magician” rather than a “wizard” – which actually means I got a bit carried away buying costume bits on eBay.  At one point my ensemble even included a silver and black domino mask, but that was a step too far, I was told it was decided.

But that’s just me – why be a drab old wizard when you can be a super sexy magician?! 😉

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