Millie’s 7th birthday friends’ party

Yep, it was quite a day – as well as quite a mouthful to say!

Millie’s Seventh Birthday Party (For Friends’) was loud, brightly-coloured and busy – everything a seventh birthday party should be, really.

Thanks to the Lovely Melanie, for organisation and dedication waaaaay beyond the call of motherly duty; to Grandma, Granddad & Auntie Kris, for their invaluable help on the day; and to Michelle, the children’s entertainer, for leaving us with 20 exhausted but happy children.  Oh, and to The Albany, for hiring out their backroom at such a reasonable price!

Balloon fight at Millie's 7th birthday partyThere are some photos of the party – but I had to set the camera to “Sports” mode to catch these screaming, shouting, scampering schoolfriends. After that, I went through the hundreds of blurry pictures to find the ones that a bit of image processing could save!

I particularly like this picture, just because Millie and her friends all seem to be having SO much fun.  And this is before the party proper has even started – this is just them chasing each other round the hall with balloons!

What were children’s parties like before balloons were invented?  They must have been rubbish!


One comment

  1. Some absolutely gorgeous pics of the girls Stu, I love the ones on the steps, definitely going to have them blown up onto a canvas and put in my house….nice one x

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