Hooray for holidays!

As mentioned before, we’re off on holiday tomorrow, and I think everyone’s looking forward to it. Regardless of the weather (changeable) or how long we’re away for (barely three days) or where we’re going (er, somewhere near Hythe?), it feels as though I need this.

The stress of redundancy and worrying about how we’ll manage has slowly but surely been grinding even yours truly down a  bit; to the point where I’ve given up any thoughts of coming off the anti-depressants for the moment.

I’m not really down at the moment, just a bit weary and uninspired again.

Which is why I’m looking forward to a few days of carefree fun at the seaside.  We’ve got two caravans booked for the weekend, because not just the Bexley Carters are going – there’s the Swindon Carters, the central Swindon Carters, and even the Bristol Carters!

I’m going to forget about application forms, forget about money, forget about “marketing stuff” and just enjoy life with my family.

And raise a glass of “brown booze” to Trev – because he wouldn’t want to be left out. 🙂



  1. Have a great time Carter family.

    Stu I can’t believe you’re having to go through all this redundancy hoo ha again. Sucks. Anyway like you say enjoy your hols and come back re-energised. : )

    • Thanks, Nat. My first reaction when I heard was “You cannot be serious?!” Mel (my wife) just shrugged and said “I can’t even get upset about this anymore…”

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