Big school, big school, here we come…

Big school, big school, here we come,

We know we’ll have lots of fun

Amber Carter in her pants on the beach at New Romney
Just waiting for some educating!

That little song has been Amber’s (or The Doob as she is currently known) party-piece for the past couple of weeks – her nursery have been helping to prepare them for the transition to big school, and just in time because next week is her last week at nursery – they’re even having a little “graduation ceremony” on Thursday, with gowns, mortarboards and everything.

But it’s surely the end of an era for us: no children at nursery any longer.  No more hurried morning bus-rides to Sidcup and back.  No more paying £400 a month in nursery fees…  To be honest, it’s all good.

Except that our littlest girl is not quite so little any longer, and I feel a little bit older.

But never mind all that – TODAY is a red-letter day, because Amber Grace Carter goes to big school!

Only for an hour, admittedly, but she’ll be alone sans Mummy for that hour.  We’ve all been making a big fuss of her and the transition, continually repeating that it’ll be exciting and fun and she’ll make lots of new friends.  I think we’ve just about hammered that message home.

Millie has been very quiet on the subject of Amber joining her at “big school” – possibly because she’s going up to the Juniors.  Yesterday she was terribly excited at having visited the junior playground and to see how things are done up there.  I caught something about talent shows and back-flips, but I’m not really sure what she was on about (I was very tired).

More news on Amber’s visit as and when I have it…

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