Samsung Galaxy S3I am “tech-naked” – my beloved just-five-week-old Galaxy S3 is in for repair!  The headphone socket spontaneously stopped working yesterday and, despite my not inconsiderable efforts to fix it, has had to go in for repair.

Woe is me! 😦

The Carphone Warehouse have given me a “standby phone” but it’s like something from the Dark Ages.  It’s a Nokia 001 or something – the first mobile phone they ever made.  And the battery has run out on even that!

I stepped out onto a rainswept Oxford Street yesterday after leaving my S3 for repair and thought, “Right, where’s the nearest tube?  I’ll just look at Google Maps and… Doh!

I’m not defeated. Bond Street’s nearby – what lines stop there?  I’ll just look at the tube map on my… Doh!

OK, fine,” I thought, “I know Bond Street goes to London Bridge.  When’s the next train from…? Doh!

On the tube, en route to London Bridge: “I’ll just listen to some music on my… Doh!

No problem I’ll just read a bit.  Oh, I’m reading Iain Banks’ latest on the Kindle app… Doh!

This standby phone is so funny – I’m going to take a picture and post it on Facebook… Doh!

I’ll just text the Lovely Melanie to see if we need anything from the shops.  Damn, this keyboard is so fiddly… Doh!

Forget it, I’ll ring her.  What’s her number?  Doh!

Never mind, I’ll ring my Mum about the weekend – I know their number off by heart.  Hi, Mum, how are you…?  Hello?  Hello?!  Hello?!?!?!  Dead battery?!  Doh!

And the cherry on the cake?  Today the guy next to me at work – who never normally speaks – turns and asks “You have an Android phone, don’t you?Doh!

I’m told my S3 “could take two days to fix, could take two weeks – hard to say.  If it had broken a few days earlier we could have just replaced it, but it’s past the one-month instant replacement period.


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