Groggy weekend

I’m still a bit groggy this morning after Saturday night excellent party – celebrating the Lovely Melanie’s 38th birthday and our friend Nik’s 40th.

Thanks to Nik for inviting us over and having a great party; thanks to my parents for looking after the girls while we went out and got drunk, and thanks to the hangover gods for being exceedingly merciful yesterday.

Cecil Sharp House signBut pity the poor Lovely Melanie, who had to take Millie to see Must Come Down at Cecil Sharp House.  Fortunately, it started a lot earlier than when I took Millie last year, and was just as good.

I got to stay home with Amber, and we sort of lolled around the house eating biscuits and watching Ghostbusters.  It was nice because we were both a bit weary and both feeling affectionate, so a lovely afternoon was had by all.

The weekend was also notable for me cycling home from Bexleyheath after buying the Lovely Melanie a second-hand (but gleaming and almost untouched) bicycle for her birthday.  She hasn’t been out on it yet, but with Amber also having her own bike now (thanks to my parents and eBay) we’re hoping to head out on a family cycling tour…er, soon.

And today is Amber’s last Monday at nursery, just as tomorrow will be her last Tuesday and the next day her last day ever.

I keep repeating this to her, because somehow I can’t quite believe it, but she seems completely oblivious to this realignment of, well, if not “the stars” then at least “our weekday mornings”.  No more nursery – more money, more time, less Sidcup!  I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Premier Lodge though – they’ve done a great job looking after both our girls, and it feels like one of the biggest changes in our lives for some years.

And on Thursday I’m through to the final round of interviews for a new job.  Based in Leicester Square it looks like a pretty cool opportunity and involves a bit of design work as well as copywriting – which can only be a good thing.

So fingers crossed for that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to sit at a desk and look enthusiastic and engaged – but only for a couple more weeks…


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