End of (nursery) days

It’s the last day of nursery.

The last trip on the 269 or 229 bus to Sidcup at 7.45am, chattering and laughing and arguing; the last time deciding who gets to ring the entry bell; the last time picking Amber up for a hug and a kiss then putting her down so Millie can do the same; the last time nipping upstairs to hang Amber’s coat on her peg; the last time chatting, reading or playing at the bus stop with Millie to catch the bus home to Bexley in time for school.

So, it was a shame that Millie chose today to have a benny about ringing the entry bell and rather spoiled that last day.

On the way home I was so furious with Millie that I barely spoke to her.

Amber took a bag of sweets in for her friends, alongside a bag of seashells because…well,  because she’s Amber Grace Carter and that’s the way she rolls. She was terribly worried about them on the bus – making sure no one sat on them or stood on them, asking me to carry both bags when walking to the back seats on the top deck.  A silver-tongued Millie tried to make her promise to save some, but Amber was charmingly matter-of-fact about the likelihood of this happening.

It’s a shame both my phone and the family camera are in for repair, so we couldn’t get any pictures of this historic day.

Thanks very much, Premier Lodge Nursery, for all your help with both girls over the years.  If you live in Bexley and need a nursery for your children then I can highly recommend Premier Lodge.

Premier Lodge Nursery

In other news, we got Millie’s school report last night and it was a Bobby Dazzler.

Her reading age is now well ahead of expectations; writing and related activities are at the upper end of expectations, while maths and science are both slap-bang in the middle.

We were really pleased with the reading and writing, but it’s nice to know she’s also doing in well in areas she doesn’t necessarily enjoy so much or always excel at.

The teacher’s notes talked about her friendliness and love of singing, the enthusiasm and effort she puts into everything she does, plus, she way she works just fine in a group but generally prefers to work by herself.  I think that, like me, her enthusiasm sometimes gets the better of her because the main area highlighted for improvement was attention – the need to concentrate more on what she’s doing there and then.


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