Sunday morning perfection

It’s 10.15 on a glorious Sunday morning and I’ve just got up.

Yeah, that’s right, 10.15 and I’ve only just got up.

I love my children, but sometimes I love them more from a distance – like when they’re in Swindon with Nanny & Grampy for the first few days of the summer holidays.

That’s possibly a terrible thing to say, but I’m going to say it anyway.

Having a lazy morning with nobody bodyslamming you awake at 6.45, nobody arguing about colouring pens, nobody asking “When are we having breakfast?” every 30 seconds and nobody needing to go anywhere – that is the perfect Sunday morning right now.

The girls are away until Wednesday – by which point we’ll be desperate to have them home once more; but Wednesday seems a long loooong way away just now.  I’m going to finish writing this blog entry, get dressed, have a large bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and a cup of tea, read the papers and then go to the pub to meet some friends.

Ahhh, just writing my itinerary is making me happy! 🙂

Yesterday, before dropping the girls at Paddington Station with my parents, we went to meet baby Clara in Croydon – the first-born of our friends Shash and Megan.  She was pretty cute, obviously, but it was a little odd to be speaking to them as “old hands” in parenting.  Every time they mentioned something Clara did we thought, “I remember that…”  The Lovely Melanie really enjoyed holding Clara, and Millie, as always, was fascinated and very affectionate.  Amber not so much.

Amber and the Mayor of BexleySpeaking of Amber, here’s a picture of her graduation ceremony from Premier Lodge Nursery on Thursday, where she wore a gown and mortarboard and received a scroll from the mayor of Bexley.  I couldn’t go (although, I elected to work from home that day) but the Lovely Melanie tells me it was outrageously cute.  They sang songs “Big school, big school here we come, we know we’ll have lots of fun…), there was a cake and a ceremony and everything.  The only thing missing was a stretch limo!

Abigail Cobb, Ella and AmberAnd here’s another picture of Amber with her friends Abigail Cobb and Ella – neither of which are going to her school, but the three of them have been a little “gang” at nursery for some time.  Sad to think she’ll probably never see them again, but I’m sure she’ll make lots of new friends at big school. 🙂

UPDATE – I’ve uploaded some video of the graduation ceremony.  It’s shot on the Lovely Melanie’s iPhone, so the quality’s not that great, but you get the idea.

As mentioned, I worked from home that day because I had a second interview with a well-known company based in Leicester Square.  I like the sound of the job, I liked the guy interviewing me, and I liked the fact that there was no obvious shirt-and-tie dress code.

Shallow, I know, but we all know my feelings on shirts and ties and “proper” trousers. 😛

I felt the interview went well, and should hear back early this week; but there’ll be a third interview to attend if they like me.  And with unemployment looming large now let’s hope they really like me!

One other thing to note on the unemployment front is that I’m now seriously thinking of doing freelance work as a copywriter.  I’ve been doing some research, putting together some vague plans and seeking  advice.  Nothing concrete yet, but the main opposing argument previously was the lack of security freelancing entails; however, having now been made redundant three times in two years, even the Lovely Melanie is now thinking “How bad can it be…?

Now, it’s time for a large bowl of delicious Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and a cup of milky tea! 😀


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