The case of the wayward lorry, part two

Back at the Geek Squad desk on Oxford Street this morning at 9.03am (three minutes after they open).

ME (in full-on Brian Blessed mode): Hello!  Where is my phone!  You told me it would take 2-3 days to replace!  It’s now been five!  Where is it?!

GEEK: Er, who are you?

ME: I’m the guy whose phone stopped working, who brought it in almost a fortnight ago for you to fix, then received a text message from you telling me it was fixed when in fact it wasn’t because it had been lost – along with an entire lorry of phones – and you were going to replace it within 2-3 days.  Where is my phone, damn your eyes?!

GEEK: Ah, I see.  You’re getting good at telling that story, aren’t you?

ME: Yes!  I’m also getting a bit shout-y!  Now, where is my phone?!

GEEK: Well, there’s quite a funny story behind that, sir…

ME: Do you see me being amused?!  Where is my phone?!

GEEK: It’s been stolen.

ME: I know that!  I just told you that in my synopsis of the story so far!

GEEK: No, it’s been stolen again.  The replacement that was being sent to the store has been stolen.

ME: Ha ha!  Yes, that is quite a funny story.  Now, give me my phone!

GEEK: No, really, we’ve had a lorry containing many of the replacement phones for people whose phones had been stolen from the last lorry stolen.

ME: Run that by me again…

GEEK: It’ll be another couple of days.

ME: OK, see you in a couple of days.


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