Home again

The girls are home!  The girls are home!

And we are very glad to have them back home again, even though they’re always a bit tired, grumpy and spoiled when they get back from the grandparents. 😉

My brother’s blog has a lovely piece about their exploits, which makes me jealous that I’m stuck at work while “everyone” else is out having fun.

It’s so hot at the moment that everyone (in our house – your mileage may vary) is sleeping naked without sheets.  Amber, in particular, sleeps spreadeagled in a big X, which is hilarious to see. 🙂

Last night, though, she wet the bed for the first time in years and had to come in with us.  Good grief, that girl wriggles and karate kicks and jumps in her sleep!  I lost count of the number of times I was smacked in the face with a carelessly thrown arm or doll.

And how does someone so small take up so much of the bed??

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