Arise, Sir Danny Boyle!

London Olympics Opening Ceremony Guardian front pageAfter that stupendous Olympic opening ceremony I am officially chastened for my bah humbug attitude towards the Olympics so far.

Danny Boyle did a wonderful job in conveying the idea of “Britishness” to the world – doing it in style, with humour and – quite literally – majesty.

We let Millie stay up to watch it, and had a lovely family moment: all watching and amazed together, exchanging messages with friends and family on Facebook and (to a lesser extent) on Twitter.  Even Amber woke up towards the end and came downstairs to watch it with us – she was hoping to see the flag from Premier Lodge Nursery go round the track, bless her!

But seriously – that was fantastic.  There was something for everyone and I felt proud to be British.  Danny Boyle should be in line for a knighthood at least!

It’s a shame that some coughTory MP Aiden Burleycough didn’t see the inclusion of Great British institutions like the NHS and Sir Tim Berners-Lee as a cause for celebration, instead tweeting “Thank God the athletes have arrived! Now we can move on from leftie multi-cultural crap. Bring back red arrows, Shakespeare and the Stones!

It is about you’d expect from a man who thinks it’s funny to dress up as a Nazi, I suppose.



  1. Would really like you to honestly comment on my post as some of my other British friends have been horrified with my trashing of the ceremonies…

    • I’ve been planning to, but have been away this weekend and wanted to wait until I had a proper keyboard in front of me and not a phone.

      I was interested to read what you had to say – particularly because the responses I’ve seen elsewhere have been overwhelmingly positive (the only exceptions in the UK being right-wing lunatics who objected to the multiculturalism). Seriously, everyone I’ve spoken to in the UK (and some people abroad) thought it was wonderful – old and young, left-wing and right-wing, black or white, rich or poor. Everyone.

      “Horrified” was probably my initial response to your post, too. I was expecting to be underwhelmed, embarrassed and or disappointed by the ceremony. But I wasn’t. I think Danny Boyle did a remarkable job of showing subtlety, pride and humour, whereas the Chinese just went for “FUCK YOU, LOOK HOW POWERFUL WE ARE!” – which as a (stereo)typical Englishman I found very very offputting.

      Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and I rather think ours diverge on this matter. 😉

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