Employment news!

And in employment news…  Er, not a lot.

I’ve got a short telephone interview tomorrow (Monday) and I’ve applied for a lot of jobs in the last couple of weeks.

Of those jobs, quite a few have been application forms – which sort the men from the boys; CV applications take a couple of minutes, but application forms take a couple of hours, and there have been some that match my skillset to the letter – of which, an elite few have even matched my interests; so I’m hoping to hear back from those in a positive vein soon.

If I don’t…well, we’ll have to take another good long look at how I’m selling my skills, won’t we?

It would be nice to get an interview (or two) over this coming week, because I finish my current job on Friday.  Some freelance stuff is coming in, and more is in the pipeline, but nowhere near enough to live on yet.

If you’ve got any copywriting or editing to be done then I’m your man.  Get in touch at stu(at)stupc.co.uk


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