Woke up this morning…

Looked out the back door and this was going on…

And yesterday, after we’d been swimming in Sidcup, we saw these guys outside the pool:

I stopped filming to help the little guys get up the kerb and felt very good about myself afterwards – I am the Duck Saviour, saviour of ducks! 😀

Regarding the swimming – I had a brainwave the evening before: why sit on my arse for half an hour watching Millie learn to swim when I could be in the pool and getting some exercise myself?

So that’s what I did.

Bloody hell, it was hard work; but I plan to do it again.

And if that wasn’t enough, the whole family went for a family bike ride to the shops in the afternoon.  It took quite a while because Amber insisted on getting off her bike at the merest hint of any kind of hazard – which I rolled my eyes at, but the Lovely Melanie insistedwas very sensible.

That was Team Carter’s first group outing on our bikes, now that we all have them.  Fingers crossed we’ll have many more.


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