Farewell to Sheerness

Poor Amber – she might be all cheeky chatterbox on the surface, but she’s not as tough as she makes out…

Both girls have gone with Grandma and Granddad to Sheerness on holiday today.  They’re going to love it, even if the weather fails them; but it was the outwardly more affectionate one (Millie) who couldn’t wait to be off today.

Little Amby Carts, on the other hand, was very upset.

I saw it coming from about an hour before.  She was following me around the house – still smiling and laughing, but following me everywhere I went.  The Lovely Melanie was at work, and Millie, Grandma and Granddad were all packing and keeping busy, so Amber stuck with me (except when I had a short telephone interview at 11).

After the interview was over, and when the reality of the holiday was becoming hard to escape, Amber was still happy enough, but wanted me to carry her around.

When asked to put her shoes on ready to go she did, but then – bless her – sat on the stairs with her head in her hands; a small picture of heartbreak. 😦

I scooped her up and hugged her, and she held on to me as tight as she could.  Didn’t say a word, didn’t cry, but wrapped her little arms and legs around me and wouldn’t let go.  Keeping up a busy commentary about how great the holiday was going to be and how they’d be on the beach and paddling in the sea and exploring the caravan, etc., I carried her out to the car.

Millie was so helpful, too – patting Amber, backing up my enthusiastic holiday predictions and just being lovely to her little sister.

But by the time we reached the car, Amber was in silent tears and didn’t want to let go of me for love nor money.

But my little brave soldier eventually raised her little red eyes and gave a tiny wave goodbye through the car window.  I smiled and waved as hard as I could with both hands.

It’s probably just as well that the Lovely Melanie wasn’t there. 😦

On the plus side, I got a text just five minutes later saying that Amby was smiling once again.

Sometimes, being a good parent is hardest when your children are good, not when they’re naughty.



  1. Aww..bless her little heart. That is the sweetest story I’ve heard in a long time. And very impressed with Millie too – my big sister would definitely NOT have been as nice to me at that age

  2. Not even nine o’clock in the morning and you made me cry in to my tea and crumpets. I’m sure i’ve said this lots of times before, but you remind me so much of my Dad!

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