Methinks I am a comet, new inspired…

Watching Usain Bolt winning the Olympic 100m gold in a time of 9.63 seconds was briefly exciting last night.

Curiosity early image
One of the first images from Curiosity

But I was more excited waking up this morning to discover that Curiosity – Nasa’s massive Martian probe – had landed safely, flawlessly executing a landing that made me think “There must be an easier way to land on Mars!

In the shadow of unemployment, of recession and of a very wet summer it’s great to have these two inspirational, but very different, human triumphs.

I’ve been making a big fuss about Curiosity’s stupendous achievement in front of the girls, in the hope that one day maybe they’ll be inspired to do something similar – to understand that human beings can be amazing when we put our minds it. 🙂


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