A very good day indeed

I’ve just been offered a new job.  In fact, I’ve just been offered two new jobs!

Yesterday I landed six months of freelance work for a recruitment company, which was a relief.  But today I heard back from Tuesday’s interview – a job that I really liked the sound of and where the people seemed very nice indeed (it reminded me a lot of Yahoo!) – and they want to offer me a job!

Victory V cough sweetsNow, remember, this is my final day in my current job, so it’s real victory-from-the-jaws-of-defeat stuff! From the prospect of dismal and penniless unemployment to secure and victorious employment! Yay!

And did I mention that the job sounds great and the people seem very nice and the money is good?  Did I mention that?

It’s a victory combination if ever there was one. 🙂

When I get home tonight the girls will be back, plus there’s a week of freedom to enjoy, followed by a week on holiday in the Isle of Wight, followed by a brand-new and exciting job. And as if that weren’t enough, the Lovely Melanie phoned me earlier about a big cheque received from the bank – something to do with our mortgage, apparently!

It’s one of those days when everything goes right and you feel on top of the world – people are suggesting I go and buy a lottery ticket, just in case. 😉



  1. FANTASTIC news Stu! Well done for keeping up beat about the whole thing and coming out on top…..couldnt be happier for you xxx

  2. YES!! So happy for you. Two job offers? Now that’s what you call reaping what you sow. All those application forms and interviews finally paid off. You can relax now. Enjoy all the good times ahead…. : )

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