Suddenly realised yesterday evening that I haven’t blogged for almost a week, which is unusual.  I blame being off work (I’m officially between jobs now) and just not feeling like writing.

In fact, I’ve not been feeling like much of anything. 😦

I had been looking forward to being at home with the girls this week, but in reality found it incredibly stressful: I’ve been very snappy and tired all week, and the parenting joy has just not been there. Sorry, girls. 😦

Millie & Amber on the couch
Summer holidays

I’ve said this before, but I don’t really enjoy being cooped up at home with the girls – if I’m looking after them I want to get out and about, doing stuff; being at home I tend to feel a little bit trapped.  Not all of the time, and not invariably, but my best parenting is done when we’re out and about – looking at things, explaining stuff, climbing and running about.  Indoors, there’s an edge of panic as to how we’ll fill the hours.

Hopefully our holiday (which begins Saturday) will help lift me up a bit.  A week of sun, sea and fun in the Isle of Wight could be just what the doctor ordered.

And after we get back I’ve got a few more days off – I don’t start my great new job at Expedia until September 3rd.

There was a small moment of alarm regarding that earlier in the week, when I asked if it would be possible to start at ten AM Monday-Wednesday because I’ve got the school run to do.  Expedia came back to me sounding a little annoyed and saying this should have been mentioned earlier in the recruitment process!  I politely wrote back immediately saying I could start at nine AM (as requested) but was only asking if it was possible to start at ten on those days.

I could get to work at nine, but it would mean mean sending the girls to breakfast club as well as after-school club, which neither they nor we want.

Fortunately, it looks as though this will be fine – although the first weeks are training, so I do need to be there at nine; thereafter, ten should be fine.

It gave me a scare when I first saw their reply, however!


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  1. Ugh why do some company’s have to be so snippy? I’m enjoying not having to deal with juggling work and child care whilst I’m at home with the kids.

    Oooh Expedia eh? I just booked a holiday for my folks and my sister to Barbados. Was such a good deal I was worried it was too good to be true. Found it online then booked over the phone via their Indian call centre. Hoping it’s all legit as it’s the first time I’ve ever booked a holiday that way. I’m sure it’ll be OK. If so, I’ll be using them again for my own hols with the OH and the brood.

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