Today, August 29th, is the third anniversary of Trev and Conny’s wedding.

Trev & ConnyIt’s almost impossible to believe it’s only the third anniversary – so much has happened since, it feels like decades.

I don’t really have much else to say about it – just wanted to mark the occasion here, remember the fantastic day we all had and send love and a big hug to Conny.

It’s strange, I no longer forget that Trev isn’t here anymore – I don’t get ambushed by that memory now: I think about him every day, miss him every day, but my mind has adapted to the loss by playing a little game whereby Trev isn’t gone, rather he’s just not here at the moment.

Which isn’t to say I expect to ever see him again.

But I no longer deal with his loss by facing his absence head-on; instead, to me, he’s just unavailable.

If that sounds a bit crazy…well, it was something my unconscious decided upon, not me.

But it does help.

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