At home

It’s actually rather hard to blog when you’re looking after two small children – the stuff  you would like to write about gets in the way of actually writing about it.

Today, for example, the girls and I have been digging up part of the communal grass area at the front of the house and transplanting raspberry bushes from the back garden into it.  We don’t legally own this bit of land (and the council comes to mow it once a month), but no one else wants it, so I’ve been steadily co-opting a strip for growing fruit and veg.

Why am I moving raspberries from the back garden?  Glad you asked.  I’m moving some of the raspberries because they don’t grow very well there and to make room for the chicken coop that arrived today.

So, that’s that explained and…


Yes.  A chicken coop.

We’re getting some chickens – battery rescue hens – and we needed the space for the coop.  Anyway, digging up the land at the front is a nightmare because there are some bastard pyrocantha bushes well bedded in that need to be got rid of.  Plus, the ground is full of stones – digging 20cm down to make space for the raspberries is a half hour job!

What?  Yes, chickens!  We’re getting three chickens.  It’s no big deal!

Amber’s already decided hers will be called Chicken Licken, but they won’t be arriving for another month or so, whenever the British Hen Welfare Trust have their next available batch needing rehoming.



    • I was in two minds about it – wanting, but nervous of the commitment. But we saw some friends at the weekend, who had just got some ex-battery hens, and the hens were great – friendly but independent, curious and fun to watch. I was completely sold after five minutes – and the free eggs are just the icing on the cake!

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