Leaving home

Millie and Amber painting the box

You know what it’s like: you’ve just bought your first cardboard box home and want to make it your own – your own colour scheme, your own interior, different shaped windows, etc. etc.

We bought a new computer chair the other day (the old one was “shedding” – gross!) and it came in a MASSIVE box, which I just knew the girls would love .  And they did, Millie at one point jumping around and getting quite hysterical about it!

Amber, Painting

When I was little it would have been painted silver and turned into a spaceship – but that’s me; the girls wanted a house.  Initially they began colouring it in with felt tips, but this was like painting the Forth Bridge, so I suggested that we paint it instead – cue paint mayhem in the back garden…

To give them credit, however, they’ve made a lovely job of it (and the patio, but never mind – the paint’s water-based).  Shame it won’t last past the first rains – but they should’ve got a proper survey done – no foundations at all, susceptible to damp, no power or plumbing – frankly it’s not worth the paper it’s, er, built out of!Millie, painting


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