Lunching at the big school

Amber is preposterously excited about having lunch at school today.

She’s been doing half days all week, coming home at lunch time.  Today, however, she’ll be lunching at the big school.

How do we know she’s excited?

  • When I wake up she’s stood by the side of the bed dressed and ready in school uniform
  • When we go down for breakfast school bags and shoes are lined up neatly by the door ready to go (I had assumed this was the Lovely Melanie’s doing, but apparently not)
  • This morning I had to open the fridge and admire her lunchbox and flask
  • She stands patiently by the front door, shoes on, coat on, bag in hand, waiting for Millie & I to finish getting ready.

It’s all very sweet (except for the “standing by the bed waiting for me to wake up” thing, which is like something from The Shining).


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