The girls and I had a bonfire yesterday, the first for quite some time.  Since Trev’s death bonfires just haven’t had quite the same appeal – possibly because the Saturday afternoon bonfires we often had at my Nan’s house are one of my favourite childhood memories.

Anyway, it was a daylight bonfire – not as impressive as a night-time bonfire (or a “bonny” as we call it) but still impressive enough when you’re a Millie or an Amber.  We burnt the house they made from a  chair box (it had gotten a bit damp) and some rubbish from the garden, but there’s plenty left if anyone else fancies a little taste of the inferno sometime… 🙂

There are unfortunately no photos of the girls frantically fanning the flames with sheets of cardboard, Millie naked except for pants and a necklace; Amber in a princess dress and a million hairclips.  Amber went in for a shower first, whereupon Millie covered herself in ash.  She looked questioningly at me first, but it was shower time so I nodded, not realising she intended to paint herself black – or at least, very grey.

It all got very Lord Of The Flies.

And there are no pictures of the bonfire because we have no camera at the moment.  It went in for repair two months ago (having stopped working on holiday, less than five months after we bought it) and came back “fixed”.  Except not, as we discovered on our next holiday, when it stopped working again.  So, it went back in for repair and has just come back – not only “Not fixed” but “No longer under warranty”.

That’s the last time I buy a bloody Nikon.


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