Lunchbox lunacy

This morning, in the kitchen, just before leaving for school/work.  I’m looking at two small children and two identical lunchbox/flask sets.

ME: Amber, have you got your lunch?

AMBER: Yep, just here.

ME: Is that yours?

AMBER: Yes, it is, because I looked on the bottom and it’s got my name on it.


Tonight, I get home from work…

LOVELY MELANIE: Why did you give Millie’s lunch to Amber this morning?

ME: ??

LOVELY MELANIE: There was a panic at lunchtime because they had the wrong lunches…

ME: ???

LOVELY MELANIE: Millie had to go and find Amber, but Amber had already eaten half Millie’s lunch so Millie was left starving hungry. Make sure you check their lunches tomorrow.

(Millie looks at me reproachfully)

ME: I asked Amber if she had the right lunchbox…

LOVELY MELANIE: Never trust anything Amber says.


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