The Big Trev Trip 2012

To celebrate Trev’s birthday we spent the weekend in the Isle of Wight, honouring his memory with a large group of dear friends and a lot of booze.

Crikey, where to start?

It was adults only, so first off, a big thank you to my dad for looking after the girls while we were away.  Not such big thanks to the train company who caused us to miss our connection (and almost our ferry) because they wouldn’t hold a train for ten seconds (literally – as we pulled into Brockenhurst station our connection pulled out in front of our eyes).  We piled into a taxi for the five mile journey to Lymington, threw some money at him and ran for the ferry…only to find sea lapping calmly against the pier where the ferry would have been had it not also been delayed.

Sigh.  Still, at least we didn’t miss the ferry.

Trev watching over the MillArriving, we were all overjoyed to find the big rasterised picture of Trev we left on the walls last year was still there, behind an oil painting!  Trev had been watching over the inhabitants for 12 months and waiting for our return. 🙂

And it was just a lovely weekend.  Not quite as drunken as last year, I thought, but just 48 hours of almost 40 old friends laughing, joking and remembering.  It was barely sad at all – which is what Trev would have wanted.

But, you know, there’s a huge smile on my face and tears running down my cheeks as I write this.

I took hundreds of pictures with my new camera – some of them I’ve put on Flickr, although if you weren’t at the Mill then many will be a bit…perplexing.

Friday night was a late one, of course. Thanks to Amit and Caroline for lining everyone’s stomachs with the 15 kilos of delicious chilli they made for everyone’s dinner. It definitely helped us withstand the onslaught of various multi-coloured and interestingly flavoured punches produced from Trev’s Gay Bar – it’s the law on the Big Trev Trip that everyone brings the gayest drink they can find to the Isle of Wight.

Congratulations to Ian for being the first ever entrant into the Big Trev Trip Hall of Fame, and the first name on the beautiful trophy. 😉

But I was up early and a group of us set off to Freshwater in the glorious sunshine. Although, it turned out I was more slightly hungover than I thought, and the walk was hard! When we got back after four and a half hours I went for a lengthy siesta.

That night we had a bin bag party (based on some shenanigans that took place back in the early 1990s around Richie May’s flat, where everyone spontaneously decided to dress in bin bags). That’s why so many of this year’s photos appear to show people wearing bin bags. Some people are quite obviously wearing bin bags, but others did a really good job with their costumes and you’d be hard-pressed to tell! Oh, and there was also fluorescent face paint and glowsticks for the first time. Not sure where that came from, but it definitely fitted the mood.

Sunday dawned wet, cold and windy – so I was glad I’d gone to bed at 11 the night before and was feeling really rather chipper – it made the long journey home tolerable.  Oh, and we saw Johnny Depp at Lymington ferry terminal.  Yeah – Johhny Depp!

The Lovely Melanie, Conny , Sagar and myself had stopped to grab some food in the cafe when we arrived back on the mainland.  We were just about to leave when a smartly dressed stranger who looked like Johnny Depp strolled past us onto the ferry.  We were just commenting upon his resemblance to the famous actor when some locals overheard us and said that, actually, it was Johnny Depp, who had recently bought a house on the Isle of Wight!  Sagar and I looked at each other and then ran after him, but he’d already gone through the ticket gate.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s BTT, but this time I’d really love for the girls to come, too – just during daylight hours, before Trev’s Gay Bar fires up.  I don’t expect them to understand why it’s important to us but I think they’d fall in love with the place itself, just as ourselves and so many others have.


  1. I have already started planning next year! I love to think how it might evolve as we get older, of friends who might only meet once a year or every few years, but who will always be brought together because of Trev. I too am now crying! I can see why you want the girls to come along and be a part of it. It would help me out of course because I would have help with my make up 🙂

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