After school and after work

Another week, another school milestone for Amber.

This week it was her first session at after-school club.  Fortunately for her her she’s got it relatively easy. Millie knew absolutely no one at after school club – she was the only one from her class!  Amber, on the other hand, has a big sister and TWO classmates.

So, to be honest, after school club shouldn’t have been a big hurdle.

And it wasn’t.

I’ve been busy since I got back from the Isle of Wight with freelance work.  I spent the night before we went trying to polish off some emails for my old employer, and again most of last night was spent doing the same.  It’s all money in the bank (or it will be, when I get paid) but it’s hard work holding down a day job, trying to be a good Dad, and spending every waking hour churning out copy.

Did I mention that that I’ve set up my own company?  StuPC Ltd has one shareholder – me, and one reason for existing – as a vehicle for my prodigious copywriting talents.  I’ve even added a new freelancing section to this blog, which you may/may not have noticed…

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