Millie helps BLISS

Millie holding up BLISS literatureSeems like a long time ago now, but let’s not forget how I first got serious about blogging.

BLISS are planning some promotional work and wanted pictures of some success stories – including Millie who, I’d say, is definitely a success story.



  1. A great cause. My mum is a sister in a neonatal unit and i have been to visit. Some of the babies are so tiny and you wonder how they will ever survive. Seeing successes like Millie is something that can put a smile on anyone’s face!!!

  2. Hi! I found your blog from looking for other preemie moms to connect with! My son was born a late preemie, and upon blogging on his story today, I came across yours. It’s inspiring 🙂

    • Thanks, Mia – that’s partly why I put it online, to help other people who might be in the same position we were. Glad you enjoyed it – sounds like you had a hell of start to the world of parenting, too!

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