A rainy Saturday

Three hours we queued to get into the Rain Room at the Barbican Centre yesterday.

Yeah, that’s a long time.  But we had a nice day all the same.

We originally planned to see an exhibition in Old Street by Illumini, whose displays we’ve been to before.  Fortunately, I checked just before we went and it had finished two days earlier.

Then we looked up more events on Saturday and saw something about David Blaine in Brick Lane – we were about to go to that before noticing that it was only a live link-up with him in New York.


Millie jumping at the BarbicanThen the Lovely Melanie spotted the Rain Room and I noticed Cecil Sharp House had some sword and clog dancing competitions, so we decided to give both those a try – but that was before we spent three hours queuing at the Barbican. 😛

It’s kind of lucky that the Barbican is a big old place with lots of great things for kids to do while their parents sit in a queue reading their book.  Plus, it was a beautiful sunny day and the Barbican has a beautiful courtyard to sit and play in once you’ve explored the building, been to the brilliant public library, and even been politely asked to leave a conference on Paediatric Oncology that was taking place simultaneously! 😉

As I say, we ended up queuing for three hours.  Not because we really really wanted to see the Rain Room, rather once we started queuing it became a matter of pride that we were going to wait it out, and the longer we queued the more determined we were to see the Rain Room.

Millie in the Rain RoomIt was terribly ironically British – queuing for hours to stand in the rain. 🙂  Although, part of the wonder of the Rain Room was that you didn’t stand in the rain.  It’s a giant starkly lit indoor installation where it’s raining all the time, but as you move through it the rain doesn’t fall on you – it stops, so you’re in the middle of a rainstorm but staying (mostly) dry.

Here’s a picture of Millie in the middle of it (very Close Encounters, I think you’ll agree).

It wasn’t quite worth three hours of queuing time (maybe two hours, at a push), but was pretty cool.  It’s always lovely to see the girls at these sort of things, too, giving the sort of reaction that I want to but which my adult self won’t let me.

Afterwards, we went for a delicious tapas at La Tasca near Broadgate.  The girls were initially very suspicious of the food, but soon changed their tune when they discovered it was delicious!  They were even more impressed when the staff gave them a balloon each. 🙂

And if you’re interested in seeing what the Rain Room was like, here’s some dodgy phone footage, with special guest appearances from my hand.


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