Parents’ evening

There’s a post forthcoming here at some point about the new job and the relatively low posting rate, but in the meantime the Lovely Melanie has just come from Hurst Primary, where she met both the girls’ teachers.

Millie we had been a tiny bit concerned about – mainly because of a couple of things she’d said about her new teacher.  We were definitely interested to meet her and judge for ourselves, and it’s just as well we did. She’s apparently very nice, has gotten to know and understand Millie well, and told us that Millie has the reading skills of an eight-year-old (well, OK, Millie is seven) but the writing skills of a ten-year-old!

As the child of two writerly-literature types that shouldn’t be hugely surprising, but it certainly put a smile on my face. 🙂

And Amber… With her we worried that she’s quite shy in new situations with people she doesn’t know; sure, she’s got a mouth on her, but she’ll clam up when a “stranger” speaks directly to her.  She’s smart, that one – we weren’t worried about that – but could she make friends?

Apparently, yes, she can.  No problem at all.

Her teachers were “absolutely thrilled” with her progress (!) and said it was obvious how much work Amber puts into her homework and lessons.

So Millie’s her father’s child – imaginative, quite smart, but liable to drift off into a dream world at any moment.  Amber’s also smart, and she has her mother’s ability to pay attention and get things done.

Well done, girls – we’re really really proud. 🙂

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