Brick Lane adventures

Masala, Brick Lane, with the Cates

We’ve been to Curry Mecca (TM) Brick Lane this evening – the whole family – to have a curry with our great friends Martin and Rebecca, who are over from California for something called RumFest.

Remarkably, I’ve never been to Brick Lane for a curry before, so it was almost as much of an experience for me as it was for Martin, Rebecca and the girls.

We didn’t really care for the opening experience – that of being pursued by every curry house owner on the street once they realised we were hungry.  In fact, it was so off-putting that we eventually wound up in one the girls chose (because it was pink) but which hadn’t tried to drag us inside; instead, they merely smiled and held their doors open politely.

Never underestimate the power of “less is more”!

So, Masala it was, and we came out a couple of hours at least later a couple of pounds heavier.  The girls were very well-behaved (as ever, putting on the charm when there are people to impress) eating and enjoying their curries, then wandering off around the restaurant to dance to the bhangra that was playing.

And not just dancing a little bit – really dancing.

Which was great for us because we got the chance to chat with Martin and Rebecca…whilst our two girls threw some monster shapes in the background.  Amber even got chatting to one of the waiters, which is most unlike her.  School is obviously socialising her!

Why, yes, I do have an Angry Birds hat on, and I am sat on a giant statue of a pear!

And because they were so nice we gave them a very large tip, which they seemed very surprised by.  We gave it to Amber to give to them, and they came over to check that she hadn’t simply raided our wallets!

Walking back to Liverpool Street, we were surprised by the surreal sight of Millie sitting upon a giant pear with an Angry Birds hat on, and her sister sat upon a giant fig (though, sadly, with just an ordinary bobble hat on her head).



  1. That’s spooky. At more or less the same time that you were visiting Brick Lane for the first time and having a curry, we were having a curry (in Swindon) and talking about visiting Brick Lane for the first time.

    My London geography isn’t great, but as I understand it, Brick Lane is in or near Spitalfields, which is the subject of a great blog I’ve recently discovered –

  2. Spitalfields is a lovely little market – we used to go there a lot (before we had the girls). It’s slightly more upmarket now, but still very affordable and unpredictable; and Brick Lane’s only five minutes away so it’s easy to do both. Watch out for the pushy restaurant owners, but the food is delicious and very cheap. 🙂

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