Silenced by technology

No entries for a few days – not because of lack of things to say, rather,  a lack of things to say them with.

I got home Friday night, shook off my umbrella and was dismayed to see my expensive mobile phone fly across the front garden as the the headphone cord snagged in the umbrella handle.

It landed on the concrete steps; phone, back and battery all flew in different directions.

And the screen was smashed. 😦

I went in, swore at the guilty umbrella, threw it on the floor, and then went upstairs to check my insurance details on the computer.

The computer keyboard was broken – no “O” and no “W”.

I got the spare keyboard out, blew the dust off and tried again.

That was out of action, too – although it worked fine for about a minute, it then went crazy.

The Lovely Melanie came in and showed me her broken Kindle.

By copying and pasting Os and Ws I managed to log into my special mobile ‘phone insurance.

Which wasn’t valid because I hadn’t updated the policy last time I got a new ‘phone.

By this time, I wasn’t even angry or annoyed, I was just resigned to it.

“Don’t touch anything else in the house,” said the Lovely Melanie, and I agreed.

Fortunately, we had a busy but surprisingly relaxing weekend in Swindon at the 2nd birthday party of Izzy, my niece.  We saw some friends, met some new babies, went to see Trev’s grave (as usual) and had a Sunday lunch at, er, Burger King, courtesy of my parents.  Which was a bit…unusual.

So that’s why I haven’t written much – I had to come into work to do it, where they still have the technology to write with.  Although my phone is still working, the shattered screen makes it difficult to see stuff and tiny splinters of glass keep embedding themselves in my fingers.

Millie thought it was great – every time we saw someone over the weekend she’d ask for my phone so she could show them it!


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