Trick or treat

It was a scramble to get home from work in time, I was exhausted and I have to make up some time today, but I made it home in time to take the girls trick or treating last night, because I am a Dad.

Halloween 2012There are a couple of pictures, but they’re not terribly good which I’ve managed to save with some PhotoShop trickery – Amber is a Bat Fairy, Millie is a witch (in wellies) and me, I’m…well, I’m in my work clothes with some chains and manacles on.

It was a cold and windy night (Millie’s hat blew off at one point and she scattered sweets across the road trying to catch it!) but we stuck it out for around 20 minutes, visiting the other Bexley Carters around the corner (home of Amber’s little friend, Abigail), then we had a string of people who were all out, then Jean and Peter, our own house (for some reason), Millie’s friend Karson (who was out trick or treating, too, but his brother gave the girls some treats), and finally Vince and Margaret just across the road.

The buckets weren’t overflowing with sweets as they have been previously, and we didn’t see any other trick-or-treaters out and about either, but the girls were terrifically excited and we all had a fun time.

When I went to look in on a sleeping Millie later (as I do when I go upstairs) she mumbled “Dids…”, opened her sleepy eyes, and gave me a big hug; which of course made everything worthwhile. 🙂


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