Manic mornings

Actually, it’s a bit unfair me having a go at Millie Child #1 for being unhelpful and moany this morning. I’ve been exactly the same the last couple of mornings, mainly because I’ve been trying to give the chickens some time out of their coop and in the garden before I go to work in the mornings.

The problem is, I’m the only one who can get the chickens back in their coop at the moment.  It’s not a difficult job, but the Lovely Melanie has abrogated all chicken-related responsibility to me, and Millie probably could do it, but is too nervous to try.

The Lovely Melanie doesn’t work Thursdays and Fridays but these are, paradoxically, the two craziest days for me to get to work on time because I have to catch an 8.02 train, rather than the laidback 9.00 on days when getting the girls to school is my responsibility.

Yeah, lying in bed until gone 7am probably isn’t best idea, when you have to:

  • let the chickens out
  • feed the girls
  • chase the girls to get dressed
  • feed myself
  • get dressed myself
  • shower myself
  • adjudicate in arguments between the girls
  • get the chickens back in the coop
  • catch the 8.02 train to work.

As the Lovely Melanie very sensibly pointed out this morning: You either need to get up earlier or not let the chickens out.  Either way, you need to stop being so snappy with us.

Very true.


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