What did you do today? II

Actually, Millie has told me about school over the last couple of days because someone has introduced her to Cat’s Cradle – the game where you wind string around your hand and form shapes with it.  She’s been doing her best with a bit of string, but the Lovely Melanie has ordered a “proper” one from eBay made of elastic.

Millie has been asking ever since when that will arrive – hopefully before this latest playground craze runs its course!

I’ve been shown the “Usual” (?), the “Witches’ Broomstick“, the “Bow” (remarkably similar to the “Witches’ Broomstick”…), the “Jewellery Box”, the “Eiffel Tower” and the “British Flag” (it’s a Scottish flag really, but don’t tell Millie).

In fact, having been off sick I’ve seen all of the above about five times each, and Millie has taught me how to do the “Witches’ Broomstick”.

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