What did you do today?

It’s remarkable how different two children can be.  Millie, you may remember, could never remember anything about the past six hours when you picked her up from school in the evening.

Even with some prompting about what she didn’t do (“Did you get kidnapped by aliens?  No.  Did an elephant come into your classroom?  No.  Did your teacher’s head explode?  No.“) Millie never ever recalled anything about her day.

Amber, on the other hand, comes striding out of her classroom announcing “Today we did O!  O O O O O O O O!  And there is Frankie – he is in my class – but that girl is not in my class but I sometimes play with her.  O O O O!

Millie was out first today and was stood outside Amber’s classroom when I arrived (due to Dave the chicken refusing to go back in the coop) which meant I could sneak up, scoop her in my arms and give her a big kiss.  She’s still small enough that I can do that. 😉

Of course, she’d forgotten something (today it was her violin) so had to go back and get it while I collected the Doob (“O! O!“)

There was much hilarity when Millie got back because apparently everyone in her violin class had forgotten their violins!  Oh, we were laughing!

And regarding that violin – today’s first lesson with the bow was only about holding it properly and tightening it.  No concertos quite yet, then.


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