Moderate chaos!!

There was a moderate amount of chaos at ours around midnight on Saturday.  The Lovely Melanie was in Hatfield for the night, and I was in charge, so it never got above “moderate”.  I hate to think what would have happened otherwise.

Around midnight I heard Millie get upset about something in her room.  When I walked in she was apparently frightened by something that “ran across the floor,” and – more alarmingly – she could “see the eyes!

Rat? Large spider? Snake? Ghost???  WTF??

I sat down on the bed and gave her a hug before happening to glance at the cage of Sparkle the gerbil.

The top hatch was open and Sparkle wasn’t visible.

That’s because Sparkle was ON THE LOOSE!!


Somebody – mentioning no names *cough*Millie*cough* – had left the hatch open and Sparkle had, quite naturally, climbed out and gone for a look around.

Gerbils are fast, agile and can jump like you wouldn’t believe – not to mention being small and able to squeeze into all sorts of tiny spaces; I thought we’d probably seen the last of Sparkle (until one day when a tiny gerbil corpse would turn up behind a wardrobe…)

But no, she popped out from under Millie’s wardrobe and looked curiously up at us, unaware of the consternation her freedom was causing.

After a second’s pause I dived towards her, and for the next five minutes moderate chaos reigned as I chased her around Millie’s bedroom – holding my breath every time she disappeared under some furniture.

At one point Amber popped a sleepy head round the door to see what on earth was going on.

Sparkle’s escaped!” shouted Millie.

Oh,” said Amber, and wandered back to bed.

I managed to catch the wayward Sparkle under a bucket at one point – a false start because I still couldn’t get her back in the cage.  Luckily, at no point did she think of hiding and staying hidden, and eventually a two-handed grab nailed her and we returned her safely to the cage.

We all laughed about it the next morning, but Millie was genuinely upset last night: scared that the same thing would happen again, so a saucepan lid has been placed over the cage door.  Just in case.

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