Teaching turnaround

Despite some initial reservations about her new teacher Millie has settled into the juniors remarkably well.  I think we were all initially taken aback by the teacher’s no-nonsense attitude: when she asked for something done she expected it to get done; nothing like the touchy-feely methods used in the infants.

There have been two proofs of that this week.  First, Millie has been making a card for her teacher (whose name I forget, in case you wondering why I’m not naming her) with the message “Best Teacher Ever” on the front and lots of heartwarming platitudes inside.

That’s quite a turnaround from the teacher who would supposedly – ahem – “chuck a rage” at a moment’s notice.

But also, Millie has amassed EIGHT house points so far this term.  Eight!

The Lovely Melanie thinks the teacher has recognised that Millie can be easily discouraged or encouraged by the smallest remark and is ensuring that Millie gets plenty of positive reinforcement.

Plus, of course, she’s a very clever girl – one of two that we keep in our house. 🙂



  1. Ran across your post and I am glad to hear your daughter is enjoying her teacher now. The reason why I write is because I am a teacher myself and it is frustrating when parents have prior assumptions about a teacher. I had a student who was told during the summer, “Oh you have the mean teacher.” This got her worked up so much that she actually got sick the first day of school before she even had a chance to meet me, yes I was the “mean teacher.” By the end of the day I guess she went home and told her parents that she thought she would have a great year because I had the same type of sense of humor as her parents. Several years later I am very close with this family and had these parents jumped to the conclusion and pulled her out of my room we would have never had the opportunity to establish a solid relationship.

    • Hi plahnb – we didn’t have any prior assumptions, I’m glad to say! But Millie came home with some stories and some comments on tests that seemed a bit unfair. We trust her school so we didn’t say anything, just decided to make sure Millie didn’t become unhappy, but we also spoke to the teacher when parents’ evening came around. We were happy that she seemed to be a good teacher and just setting some firm ground rules at the beginning of the school year.
      Two months later and here we are! Just goes to show, you should never jump to conclusions about these things. 🙂
      Glad to hear your story worked out well, too. Just out of interest, what age group do you teach?

      • Glad to hear you didn’t have prior assumptions with the teacher it is always nice to have parents ask the teacher before going to the Principal or Superintendent.

        I had taught 5th grade, now I’m a Technology Integrationist so I teach 3-5 computers and help teachers integrate technology in the classroom, which is what my blog attempts to do. I also am a basic IT person so when teachers come with computers problems I am the first step.

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