Naughty Elf

I was racking my brains trying to think why I haven’t written anything for almost a week, and then I remembered: I’ve mostly been out drinking.

There have been 40th birthdays (and ensuing hangovers that felt like they’d never end) and Christmas parties and just…well, life, really.

Yesterday was the Expedia GSO Department Christmas Lunch.  I volunteered for the organising committee, which was great fun, and to be an elf – facilitating the Secret Santa distribution network, amongst other things.

Here’s me as an elf.  A naughty elf, too, because the trousers were far too big and kept falling down, to much general hilarity.

The original plan was not to drink, as I’d only just recovered from the weekend, but that plan was quickly abandoned and I didn’t get home till gone 11.  Remarkably, this morning I feel fine. 🙂

Amber wasn’t so well this morning, the poor thing.  She woke up and got excited about it briefly snowing, but then got dressed and went back to bed complaining of a headache and looking very weary.  She rallied after a bit of the old Magic Calpol, however, and made it safely to school.

Just as well – me taking the day off with a poorly child would look a bit dodgy the day after the Christmas Lunch!

Oh, and here’s me alongside my fellow elves…


Marte Elf, Stu Elf and Maya Elf

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