George Osborne copies Millie

Amber is at home poorly today.  I had to leave work early yesterday to come and collect her from school (although, they didn’t call until gone 2pm, by which time I can’t get there until after school anyway, so I had to pick her up from after-school club).

And she looked unwell – very quiet, pink cheeks, sleepy eyes – not like our irrepressible Little Doob at all.

I carried Amber home because she didn’t look ready to don her wellies and stomp through the muddy woods.  Sad to report that Millie was no help at all.

Millie complained that this was unfair, that if I was carrying Amber she should be carried as well.

Stunned at this, I stopped in my tracks and stared at Millie for a few seconds.

Amber is not very well,” I told her in my quietly angry voice, “so I am helping her.  The next time you are poorly should I make you walk, just to be fair?  Is that what you would like to happen?

There was no reply.

I was reminded of Millie’s complaint when watching the Chancellor’s latest budget cuts a little later.  His excuse for more stringent measures against the poor was exactly the same: it’s not fair that they get more help when the rest of us have to go to work every day.

george-osborneThat is the level of Tory excuses for the misery and pain they’re inflicting on people – the same as a seven-year-old child’s complaint that “it isn’t fair”.

Even the Lovely Melanie swore at George Osborne on TV last night.

Yeah, even the Lovely Melanie was moved to profanity when listening to his crappy policies and excuses.


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