Saying no to Amazon

I haven’t bought any of my Christmas presents from this year, as a protest against their tax-avoidance in the UK.

In previous years all of my Christmas shopping has been done there.  Literally, everything.  I started using Amazon in 1997 – ordering some hard-to-find science fiction novels from the US (there was no UK site back then!)

Amazon logoBut this year I’ve bought nothing from them; I’ve asked people who buy me presents to buy nothing from them, and I’d encourage you to sign this petition set up by two UK-based independent booksellers (who pay their taxes like everyone else).

The petition helpfully explains how Amazon’s tax avoidance is bad for genuine UK businesses, not to mention swindling us taxpayers out of over £100 million that could go towards hospitals, vital services and getting the country out of recession.

Amazon, I was one of your best customers, but until you mend your tax-dodging ways you’ve lost me, not to mention many others…

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