Christmas 2012

That was a nice, quiet, family Christmas. 🙂

We had Auntie Kristine stay on Christmas Eve, so she could be here in the morning to see the girls open their presents, of which there were many.  The girls went to sleep easily enough on Christmas Eve, but they woke at midnight, and 2am, and 3am and again at 5am.  We eventually surrendered to the inevitable at 6am and opened our their presents.

Surprisingly, the lack of sleep and excess of chocolate didn’t turn them into monsters; in fact, they were really very sweet indeed for most of the day – even at bedtime.  There was the odd moment when they came near to meltdown, but it was only fleeting.  Well done, girls!

In fact, double well done, girls, because for most of Christmas morning we didn’t have festive songs on, instead we listened to my new Howlin’ Wolf CD, The Howlin’ Wolf Album!  Turns out Millie rather likes this – as does her Furby.

Christmas Day, we had the in-laws and the Lovely Melanie’s Auntie Helen round for a smashing marathon of games and eating, then some more games, then more eating followed by some food.

The Lovely Melanie excelled herself again with Christmas Dinner.  Plus, she judged the amount of food exactly right, so nobody needed emergency liposuction in the afternoon, thank goodness.  And as a bonus, no one seemed bothered about the Queen’s Speech, so we gave that a miss. 🙂

We raised our glasses to Trev during Christmas Dinner, of course, and I was a bit sad on hearing Tim Minchin’s lovely Christmas song White Wine In The Sun, but otherwise this Christmas felt easier to deal with than last Christmas.  Time really is a great healer, it would seem.

Yesterday (Boxing Day) my parents came up and stayed the night, which was even more relaxing.  Well, except for the Strictly Come Dancing game they encouraged the girls to play.  This mostly involved me and somebody else dancing with the girls while everyone else pretended to be Strictly judges.  We burnt off some of Christmas Day’s calories and all had a good laugh (except Amber, who took it very seriously).

The chickens did well out of Christmas – we’ve discovered they love quiche and roast potatoes.  Even in pouring rain they’d come out of their coop to eat those, chasing each other round round and the garden to get the best bits. 🙂

And today, we’re having a quiet day.  I took the girls to the shops in Bexleyheath and bought a couple of DVDs in the sale (Chronicle and Mirror Mirror), plus some pants and socks for me, because (gasp!) I didn’t get any, despite asking for them!

Blade Runner umbrellas
Blade Runner umbrellas

I do have a very nice hat and Blade Runner umbrella, however.

Now, while everyone else is watching Mirror Mirror downstairs I’m going to play some Diablo III.

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