Blue water, red hair

Amber in her red Brave wig

We took the girls to Bluewater today to spend their Christmas money and vouchers.  Mostly we went to the Disney Store, where Amber bought a Rebekah Brooks Brave wig, as you can see.

We also went to the one bookstore in the whole of Bluewater and they bought some books, but mostly they bought things from the Disney Store.  Like that wig.  Amber wore it proudly around Bluewater and all the way home on the bus – eliciting many double-takes fascinated glances from other shoppers.

It must be said, I didn’t like Bluewater at all.

Things didn’t start well when we walked in and saw people queuing for a table at those giants of gastronmy Pizza Hut and Nandos, which set alarm bells ringing in my head.  We arrived just after lunch but there was nowhere for us to sit and eat our sandwiches, so we ended up sat on the floor.  Every single shop was a generic high street store, without a hint of charm or originality.  Even the bookstore (a Waterstones) had a disappointing selection; Millie bought the Diary of Anne Frank (which should be interesting, from a parental viewpoint) but I couldn’t find anything I wanted.

After about an hour I realised everything in Bluewater was artificial – no plants, no people stopping to chat, no space for lingering and socialising or for fun.  The whole place is a machine designed to sell you stuff and nothing else.  It made Bexleyheath town centre look like an enlightened miracle of social planning!

My favourite part of the day was the bus ride there and back with the girls and the Lovely Melanie.  We saw some parts of London I’ve never seen before and, after today, probably never will again.

But next time the girls have money to spend we’re going to Camden Market!

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