Emirates Air

My kids love cable cars – almost as much as I do.

Millie and Amber outside Emirates Greenwich PeninsulaIt’s back to school and work tomorrow, so it was great to have a bravura send-off to the Christmas holidays with our visit to the Air Emirates cable car over the Thames today.

This morning we were waiting in for delivery of replacement headphones, but the delivery company texted unexpectedly to say they would be delivered late in the afternoon.

Whoa!  I dived into the shower, the girls got dressed and tidied up the living room where Amber had set up a birthday party for Rapunzel (it would have been Belle’s birthday but Amber has had Belle taken away for reasons of naughtiness), and we rushed out the door (after I got dried and dressed, obviously).

North Greenwich, where the cable car leaves South London, is surprisingly close to us, and it’s improved immeasurably since I was last there about 13 years ago.  It’s right next to the Millennium Dome O2, which is a bit like Bluewater – except not shit.  But forget about all that – the cable car was what we came for and it didn’t disappoint.  The girls were thrilled when they caught a glimpse of the cars soaring into the sky.

That was reassuring since they hadn’t shown a lot of prior interest!

Air Line Angels

We bought return tickets and headed to the embarkation point – which is a lot like a tube station, frankly.  A couple of staff were on duty, but the whole thing is sufficiently well designed that you’d have to really try quite hard to get it wrong and injure yourself.  By the time we climbed aboard the girls were beside themselves with excitement, and by the time we were in the air they were babbling about the world below being “Legoland” and wanting to live on a cable car forever and ever.

After about five minutes-ish we got off the other side to be greeted by…well, nothing, really.  Something called The Crystal, an exhibition centre or something, was just about the only thing nearby.  The nice lady who sold us our tickets had recommended it, so we wandered in there and had some lunch.  Then we went to have a look around The Crystal, only to be told it was shut on Mondays.  It looked pretty open to us, but wasn’t.

So we went back on the cable car – yay! – and were home in time for my parcel to be delivered.  Result! 🙂


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