Wham, Amb, thank you, ma’am!

We’ve been having a little trouble with Amber lately, with her getting cross and hitting, kicking or smacking people.  We didn’t really have this problem with Millie – she had her own ways of showing displeasure, which could be pretty impressive but didn’t usually escalate to violence.

Amber doesn’t smack people for no reason, she’ll only lash out if we don’t do what she wants.  Despite us having a zero-tolerance policy for hitting, smacking or kicking she hasn’t yet managed to control herself sufficiently to stop herself.  So far, as mentioned in the previous post, she’s lost her beloved dolly for three days for hitting people.  It started off as just one day, but grew to three before she stopped doing it.

You can usually see it coming a mile away: if she doesn’t get her own way she’ll put on a grumpy/angry face and then move in for the kill.  Because she’s only four it’s not hurt anyone in the slightest yet (well, possibly Millie, although not much, despite her cries) but despite the lack of actual damage caused it’s still quite shocking to see her anger get the better of her – to see her turn so suddenly and lash out.

It’s something of a mystery where she gets this from, because the Lovely Melanie and I are determinedly non-violent (I’ve said on here before, years ago, that if you need to physically hit a child to make them do something then I think you’ve lost that argument).  Millie might occasionally go apes**t mental, but she’s never been one for hitting people, not even when she was little.

It’s just another example of how two children raised by identical parents in the same house can be really quite different.

Hopefully Amber’s going to learn before she gets much older that hitting people is not the way to get the best out of them.


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