Chilly Millie, very silly

And as if to balance the parental karma…we’ve been having a little trouble with Millie recently, too, with her being rude, unhelpful and sarcastic.

There’s been a lot of “I suppose you’ve got two million more things for me to do,” when asked to pick up something off the floor, or “Will I ever get to play on the computer/read my book/do some drawing/dance/play/watch TV/go outside?” when told we need a couple of minutes before we can help her.

But it made me sad last night when (I’m told, I was out) Amber was terrifically excited to get a letter from Grandma and Granddad (who doesn’t love getting letters?)  It was a reply to their invite to Amber’s family birthday party (which is mermaid-themed) and their reply had mermaids on it, too.

The first thing she did was rush upstairs to show her big sister.  I can imagine her running up the stairs, letter in hand, shouting “Millie!  Millie!” eager to share the exciting news.

And what did Millie do?  In a deadpan voice she replied “Yeah yeah yeah, that’s really interesting – a boring letter,” and shut the door in her crestfallen sister’s face. 😦

The Lovely Melanie went in afterwards and calmly told Millie how horrible that was, how mean she’d been and what a basic lack of respect it showed for other people’s feelings.

I’m sure we’ve all been there – excited, thrilled and eager to share some great news, only to be unexpectedly mocked for being so “stupid”.  Knowing how horrible that feel I’m really not going to let my children get away with being so thoughtless and mean.

So, this morning before breakfast I made a point of asking Amber about the letter; she told me all about it (there are mermaids, and it’s from Grandma and Granddad, and it’s a reply to the birthday party invitations, and (we got off topic a bit here) one of her friends from school can’t come to the other party, but Charlie can, but not all the others have replied…)

And then she ran off downstairs with Millie – so all’s well that ends well, I hope.



    • Yep, yes it is. Constant. Never stops.
      The energy generally comes from not doing other stuff that you used to do, once upon a time. Parenting has its own rewards, but they’re different to those you may have had before…

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