In which, sat at home on my own, I go a bit mad buying some new music…

I’m sat at home on my birthday, just checking my emails, and a couple of the “new releases” emails I get each week catch my eye.

Ten minutes later I’ve suddenly got about three hours of listening to catch up on – damn you internet shopping!  (but thank you mum and dad for the birthday money which paid for these, although the whole lot was less than £20!)

What have I bought?  It’s all extremely obscure stuff, and not just “obscure” in the sense that, say, my dad hasn’t heard of it.  And also, let’s bear in mind that I haven’t listened to all of this stuff from start to finish, usually I decide having heard a couple of minutes of the first few tracks…

Solange TrueTrue by Solange

Solange is apparently Beyonce’s little sister.  Well, I suppose she might be.  Whatever, I like this a lot more than I like Beyonce.

Pantha Du Prince Elements Of LightElements Of Light by Pantha Du Prince

This is techno with bells on.  Literally, with bells on.  But don’t be put off by the techno.  Or by the bells.

SUPER JAM PRESENTS: UPPER LAYER CRUISERS Rush Consequence Rush Consequence by Super Jam Presents: Upper Layer Cruisers

Stupid name, maybe, but this was mental enough to catch my imagination.  I did waver a bit, but then saw it was just £3.95 and thought “What the hell!”

Factory Floor Fall Back Fall Back by Factory Floor

Just a single track, this, but I couldn’t not buy it after about ten seconds of listening.

And finally, Boomkat, the seller.  They’re brilliant.  Not only decent prices and an amazing selection of weird-ass stuff on vinyl CD and download, but you can always have a listen before you decide to buy.

I’ve been buying from them for years and highly recommend them.

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