If you go down to the woods tonight…

..you’ll be amazed at the amount of colour on offer amidst the snow and the darkness.

Snow on trees in Bexley Park WoodI took a walk around Bexley Park Woods and the River Shuttle this evening after dark, snapping pictures of the snow-covered surroundings.  It was utterly transformed – even more so when I got home and saw the results of my snaps.

Much as I hate to blow my own trumpet, some of these pictures are quite hauntingly beautiful.

The picture on the right links to the full set on Flickr.



  1. Hay Kenny how ya doin, sorry to hear about Trev,its been a while since we spoke friend,nice blog i will look in on ya from time to time take care fella

      • hmmm its been 26 yrs since i had anything to do with education and ive seen you twice in that time. Hope you and your family are well, Bloke youve been writing about your life for yrs m8 thats comitment it reminds me of a film i once watched marley and me lmao hay fella got so much to tlk about but i ent to good at this typing thing

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