Working from home

Working From Home the StuPC way

With no trains into central London this morning (the Lovely Melanie spent 90 minutes waiting in the dark at the station) this is my workspace for today.

Very cosy, I hope you’ll agree, and perfect for a spot of blue-sky, outside-the-box thinking. 😛



  1. Mr Carter,Stu,Kenny id just like to say OMFG DUDE you are a fucking legend, M8 i always knew you were way to smart for this planet man.Look Stu i guess what im trying to say to you is…. our worlds are now a million miles apart,you went off and did the the whole college and uni thing and i did work,fight,drugs,travel,deal and a whole lot of trouble but never anything nasty to anyone i still have morals,standards and respect…..DUDE i never really read anything in my life and i mean anything maybe the odd xmass card b day card seriously no books,comics,newspapers,magazines and lastly i dont go on the net only just got an email addy this week so i could leave you a reply I have no accounts like facebook is it my space twitter Like i said never read anything more than 30secs long BUT DUDE i just found your lifes work ongoing MILLIES storie under NTBCW THE TRUTH ive been reading 10hrs straight.Dude you have such a lovely precious family,in my last reply to you yesterday i said youve been writting for yrs DUDE you really have since 2005 and how the hell do you become a judge for Mr Aurther C Clarke comp another legend HAY KENNY your always be kenny to me M8 your writing is absolutely fucking amazing out of this world you write with such passion, detail and flare DUDE like i said a million miles apart but you ever need any thing i will be there for ya im not to hard to find if you ask around i hope this reply finds you and finds you and yours well dude this just took me 3hrs to type but u could do it 3mins cya kenny

    • It’s been a loooong time since anyone called me Kenny, Nath. 🙂
      But it’s good to hear I’ve got you reading – even if it is only my little site. It’ll be Chales Dickens next if you’re not careful. 😉
      Get yourself on Facebook, dude – I just got back in touch with Nicky Harding there after about 22 years; turns out we’ve all got kids and mortgages now!

  2. Dude by mistake sorry m8 not in to facebook twitter my space or any other government run tracking sites…… c dickens i ent to sure about i like the life of kenny and yes my mortgage is nearly done my kids are eldest little nath 21 went college uni and now zone leader in honda,jade 19 going to bournemouth uni in sept and hayden 14 in kingsdown skool all of them costing me and my lovely wife helen who is a teacher for sevenfields skool a small fortune, so what did u think of my last little reply i ment every word the bit i dont get about your life is how the hell do you fit it all in hay i dont sleep much i guess its the whole reading and typing thing i dont get

    • You married a teacher?? That’s pretty funny!
      Sounds like you’ve done a good job with your kids – well done, dude. They don’t take after their old dad, then? 😉
      I dread to think how we’ll afford our two if they want to go to uni – nursery nearly bankrupted us! (no, seriously, at one point it was costing more to send them to nursery while we worked than we were earning each day!)
      How do I fit all of what in? Same way anyone does, I guess. Plus, my lovely wife is very organised and good at sorting stuff out. I just sit around and write about it! 🙂

  3. yes m8 she taught all of our kids and she wasnt a teacher when we first met she was a bar maid in a pub called the princess on beatrice street hell of a pub you get anything in there My kids hmm they take after there old man as in me but ive pushed hard and told them there is a better way than mine and to b fair my life has worked out well it ent perfect but if any one tells you theres is then there full of shit As for bankrupt yes seriously it cost 750 quid to clear about 95 grand cash. I like the way i think your life is so busy and yet you think you just sit around and write about it lol dude really WOW DUDE this has got to stop this is the most ive ever read and typed in my entier life think im well out of my comfort zone here

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