Snow day

Snow pretty much killed the transport system in Kent yesterday, so I worked from home – as did the Lovely Melanie, although, she spent an hour and a half at Albany Park station, waiting for a train that never came.  I didn’t even bother going to the station, having heard her tales of struggling commuters, empty rails and baffled station staff when she returned home at 7.30am.

The girls’ school did open however, much to our relief.  Only 77% of pupils turned up, driving Mr Linnett, the headmaster, to send round an angry email asking why he bothered struggling in if parents weren’t even going to try!)  Don’t blame us, Mr Linnett – I pulled my children to school in a sledge to ensure they were all present and correct.  They squealed and howled with delight all the way there, which is always gratifying.

The chickens stood at the back door all day, looking slightly damp and annoyed.  Every time I went near the back door they’d get very excited and begin to squawk and peck at the glass.  Occasionally snow would fall off a tree onto them and they’d run off, flapping their wings.  No eggs today, either.  Tsk.

We picked the girls up from school to find Millie with wet hair (from a snowball) and wearing her PE bottoms, while Amber had wet feet and had slipped over at some point during the day.  I pulled them back home in the sledge, to an accompaniment of screams “More!  More!”

Today, rather sadly, everyone is back at work and school and normality has mostly resumed…

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